Fastest way to see who's going out and where they are going

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Looks great, @katoree! You're quick with that "as seen on product hunt" graphic :) A few of my friends post plans like this on Swarm but I haven't really seen it take off. How do you differentiate from that experience?
Thanks @nickoneill! So the main issue with Swarm is that although they allow you to post a blurb about future plans, their core focus is about what is happening "now." What we've realized is that although many people are spontaneous, more often than not, people need a bit of a heads up before going somewhere. Although we are able to answer what is happening now, our core focus is to allow users to easily broadcast future plans and give their network a heads up, whether its the same day or a month early. This allows plans to circulate amongst friends and users can see how popular a plan becomes in real-time up until it's time to go out.
@nickoneill @jyri @chrismessina Ditto was a great idea! We're more focused on the simplicity of sharing "where" you want to go rather than the specific details as to why. Most people go out to bars or restaurants multiple times a week without much reason other than to hang out.
@katoree yeah, makes sense!
Does this directly compete with ?
Thanks for getting us on PH @rrhoover! I’m Armaan, founder of Circus. We’re in the midst of building this product to help answer the somewhat infamous question of, “What’s going on tonight?” Circus takes a casual, venue-centric approach to making plans instead of focusing on the specific details needed to create “events” on most other apps. Our core focus is the location to make it easy for users to find out where their friends are going. Calling and texting all of our friends to figure out the nights plan was always a difficult and time-consuming task. We built the foundation of Circus to make it easy to connect with people in your network. With our Facebook integration, only friends and links (friends of friends) can see you on the app. In this way, you always have a connection to the people you can meet up with. Now you can easily broadcast your plans or simply join your friends in just a swipe. We are currently live in Boston, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC. We look forward to pushing some new features in the coming months. Let us know if you have any suggestions for future updates!
Is that logo a Bélo?
@chrismessina Hi Chris, so there is resemblance however our logo came about as we were trying to place a location marker between the letter C, which then rotated to represent the world. So it is not a Bélo :)