Instant code and wiring for your project

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So cool makes me want to buy an arduino just to use it!
Hi PHers! Excited to be listed here and kudos to @razkarmi for this opportunity! I’m Eyal and I’m the CEO and Co-founder of We’ve been working hard for the past year and half and we’re all thankful to our emerging community and for the opportunity to share the joy of Making with others. makes creating electronic circuits easy, shortening the path from idea to working working product. With the app you can: * Choose the components you want to use * Get a list of all the auxiliary parts you need (capacitors, resistors, etc) * See a full wiring guide for your circuit * Download code samples for your project * Connect your project to the internet is really about lowering the bar for innovation, and getting more people Making more things, to benefit themselves and others. Naturally, it’s free to use. is now in Beta stage - we are constantly adding more features and components to the App and are attentive to our community and their needs and requests. Here’s a short article telling our story on Make magazine: Please do ask us anything and share your thoughts with us