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Hey there Product Hunt! Meet Circuit :) The reason behind why we built it is because we believe that team communications could be better. We ourselves, used a lot of different tools to work within our teams but struggled to find the right one. Some of them were heavily focused on texting, others on conferencing, others on file collaboration. And we used a lot of email! We envisioned a tool where chatting, conferencing, screen and document sharing could be unified in a single view. And that you could switch your video call between your laptop and your mobile phone, with a click of a button. We wanted to be able to invite external people, so we created guest access. And we found out that when web doesn't work we will always have telephony to jump into that call. We designed it to be reliable and enterprise ready. We are looking to get the community's feedback if Circuit will make your teamwork better and what would be the killer integrations to complement it! Today we are giving away 30 extra days of trial to Product Hunters. Please tweet to me @irene_white_ or @jaysteruk using the #CircuitPH2015 and we will reach out to you to extend your trial to 60 days! Thanks in advance!
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Hey all, thanks for the up-votes! We're really interested in your feedback, good, or ugly!
It's perfect! You guys managed to put everything into one place and with a friendly interface. And not to mention you didn't just limit yourself to iPhone users, but also Android. Guess we will have to actually use it in order to give proper feedback, but looks really nice from what you explained.
@rutgerteunissen Thank you so much for your comments! If you have any questions setting up Circuit for your team please let us know