Circle Medical

A doctor's office that comes to you, paid for by insurance

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Circle Medical is going to change how healthcare is delivered to people at their homes and places of work. Why wouldn't you want a doctor to come to you? It just makes sense to me. I've know George (founder) for a long time, and he's going to kill it with this one. I'm also an investor. It's not often that you find a company that's genuinely trying to do good in the world, and I think Circle Medical has a chance to put a positive, healthy dent in the universe.
@byosko Thanks for the post. The feedback from both doctors and patients has been amazing. I can't wait to get this in the hands of more people!
This is cool but do doctors want to spend their time in a car? Also, is this model efficient? Or just luxury?
Amazing idea. One question: is there any pre-qualification performed with the patients before a request is submitted? In other words, do you make an attempt to sort out requests that may require facilities, equipment, or staff impossible to duplicate in a home-visit? Thanks. And again, really cool concept!
@jason_ephraim Yeah, we have a couple of mechanisms in the scheduling flow that helps the physicians be prepared for the visit. Not only that, but we've also learned certain things during early initial visits that we've looped back into the physician training. Though, you'd be surprised how much you can fit into a well thought-out medical kit.
How much more money does a doctor have to get paid to want to leave their high throughput office?
@datarade Most Doctor's don't dream about finishing the 10+ years of education so they can work in the same two fluorescent-lit rooms all day. We offer doctors a chance to see patients in their environment, outside of the office, with new/modern tools, and an emphasis on patient experience (not number of patients/hour). It turns out this is more important than pay, though we do pay well :)
Really interesting idea! I had a similar question about can the economics work so this is good for doctors?
@michaelwfrank As the Design Director at Circle Medical, I stay up at night thinking just as much about physician experience as I do patient experience.
@michaelwfrank In addition to Brent's comment, most of the payment for a doctor's visit doesnt currently go to the doctor. It goes to office space and overhead. We replace that with software.