A complete sleep solution that resyncs your body clock

Circadia is a beautiful bedside lamp to help you fall asleep and wakeup peacefully.

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I am open to anything that can help me keep a regular sleeping schedule on track. 🌚🌝
@nivo0o0 Thank you Niv for sharing the project! Hey everyone, Have you ever wondered why you’re always gloomy on dark and rainy days and happy when it’s sunny outside? The answer lies in LIGHT. By nature, our internal body clock is synchronised by light, which affects the release of hormones in our body that keep us alert, make us drowsy and our sleep-wake cycle. Circadia helps you fall asleep faster, wake up refreshed and boost your mood, energy and concentration at work. Our system features a Contactless Sleep Tracker, Smart Therapy Lamp and the Circadia Sleep App. Here’s how it works: 1. While you sleep, the Contactless Sleep Tracker monitors your breathing pattern, heart rate and body movement from up to 8-feet away. Comparison with sleep-lab data shows 91% accuracy with medical standards. Temperature, humidity, light and snoring sensors in the product detect the conditions of your environment and integrations with IFTTT, HomeKit, Spotify and NEST allow you to create the most conducive environment for your body to wind down and sleep. All this without the need to wear or attach anything to your bed or body. 2. The Circadia Mobile App takes information from the Sleep Tracker about your sleep to create a model of your circadian rhythm, also known as your internal body clock. Predicting the impact on your alertness, cognitive performance and when you should avoid stimulant to prepare for a good night’s sleep. Our algorithms, calculate how much your internal clock is out of sync with your daily schedule and automatically create a light therapy program to re-sync your body clock. 3. The Smart Therapy Lamp delivers your personalised light schedule throughout the day. Just 20-45 minutes of exposure in the morning and 30-90 minutes before you sleep can help you begin to sync your body clock within just 5 days of use. Using the ALERTNESS BOOST mode will help you boost your mood, energy and productivity. When you’re burning the midnight oil the INSOMNIA mode helps you power through the night without the jitters of caffeine. The JETLAG mode helps you readjust your body clock before, during or after your travel. Circadia helps you Sleep Better. Work Better. Live Better. Let us know what you think, we’re always open to feedback and love answering questions!
Looks really cool and would be very useful for curing jet lag! Would love to know about any user experiences/tests of the product so far? Although I know it's still in the early stages.
Hey guys what about if you are sleeping with your partner how does circadia know who is who?
@ben_mcnamara Circadia is intelligent enough to detect distinct signals from multiple people in the same room. To ensure Circadia records your sleep quality with maximal accuracy, place the device nearest to you for example, on the side of the bed nearest to you, like above your bedside table. We have some exciting news to share when we hit our $1 million stretch goal, so stay tuned to this post.
@faressiddiqui awesome please keep me in the loop!
This looks super interesting. I'm always keen to test out any products that could improve my sleep!
Any plans to make this work together with Philips Hue?
@jerrebm Hi Jerre, thanks for your question. We will be integrating with IFTTT which will allow you to connect with devices like Philips Hue.
@jerrebm Same question & besides being "smart" any differences between this & Phillips Wake up Clock?