Cryptograms to challenge your cipher-solving skills

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A cryptography game where you decode cryptograms.

Each cryptogram is a puzzle that contains an encrypted text. Your goal is to reveal this text by replacing symbols in the cipher with letters.



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Dmitry Akishin
Dmitry AkishinMaker@akishindev · I am an Android... developer.
Greetings, PH, My name's Dmitry and here is my little cryptography puzzle game. Ever since I watched Fincher's Zodiac, I have been interested in encrypted messages and the mysteries that can be hidden behind ciphers. And if you are familiar with the Zodiac story, you might notice that I use symbols from his unsolved 340-character cipher to create cryptograms for the app. If you are a fellow cipher enthusiast, or just like something to challenge your mind, this is what I have prepared for you: - 100+ unique cryptograms, ranging in difficulty - from simple lists of words on first levels to full-blown encoded blocks of text later on; - an easy-to-use decrypting process: just click on a symbol and select a letter; - hints that you can use if you're stuck. So come and see how many cryptograms you can solve, and become a real cipher pro! Hopefully, for people who already enjoy cryptograms, the game can be a pleasant challenge, and for anyone else - a nice introduction to the world of encrypted messages!
Shaun Johnson@idealexit · Startup Institute cofounder
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