CipherBoard (pre-launch)

End-to-end encryption within any app you use

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An email sign up would be best. Why force a phone number that changes or a Facebook app with identity?
@androidlove Agreed. Inputting identifying information seems counterintuitive to the "right to privacy" notion. If there is functional significance to this information within the service, it would be a great idea to tell your users what it is. Otherwise, having to give such information will deter users wanting privacy.
@androidlove Hi Carlos, appreciate your suggestion! You can use the keyboard without these login. For end-to-end encryption, user needs to pick the recipient so we looked at the more prevalent friend/contact lists to start with. Email-ids would be a limited set of contact book.
@aunyks @androidlove indeed we need to do a better job in communicating and sharing how we are dealing with these. Essentially we don't need any identifiable information, but just need the friend-list for user to be able to easily lock the recipient. Anonymous logins make it very hard for having contacts added
@ozgrozer thanks for hunting us!
Where's the white paper? Or anything about the security of the app? Hope people keep in mind Open Whisper Systems and others are not just using "any app". Seems like a nightmare.
@tommyent the details are coming soon, we were caught of-guard on the hunt here. CipherBoard can be used on top of Open Whisper Systems offerings for additional layer.
@tommyent Cipherboard uses the cryptographic primitives present in the NaCl crypto library. More specifically, Cipherboard employs curve25519 for its key exchanges, xsalsa20 for symmetric encryption, and poly1305 for message authentication codes (MAC).