Send secret, encrypted iMessages

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@khanov Awesome! Does the recipient also need to pay the $1.99 to receive the encrypted messages?
@andrewett no, to receive messages it's totally free. Well worth the $1.99 to upgrade to pro and unlock sending abilities. I'd imagine there will be a whole slew of copycat iMessage apps like this coming out soon. This one is rad. Supported!
This looks rad. Why is there not more activity on this?
Cipher for iMessage lets you send secret and digitally signed messages with Touch ID. Now you have an easy way of sharing secret information (like passwords, phone numbers, etc). The recipient of your message will be asked to authenticate using Touch ID (or device passcode), thus assuring that only the device owner will see your message. You can also use Cipher to digitally sign your message with Touch ID.
@khanov Can you please open-source the code / encryption methods you use so we can review?
Looks interesting! Does it have multi-factor authentication?