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Hey Product Hunt folks! I’m Connor, one of the cofounders of Cintric. We’re all incredibly stoked to show PH our location platform that we’ve made free to developers. Free drag & drop location analytics for your mobile apps. After integrating the simple and lightweight Cintric SDK, you’ll get access to a rich suite of analytics and mobile location tools. -View near real-time visitation, loyalty, demographic trends, and associations between different retail chains. -Easily View and explore current and past location data on multiple map-based interfaces -Segment your user-base by their retail world behavior or geographic location. -Easily export raw location or profile data into convenient formats including .csv files. ...and more! Location tools offer an incredible opportunity to understand your user-base and even improve experiences based on real-world context and preferences. To quote Ben Parker: “with great power comes great responsibility.” Privacy is important to us, which is why data is collected anonymously and only from opted-in users. We also provide controls for managing privacy preferences and even a way to control when to fire the location permission dialog so that you can preempt the request with an explanation of the location feature it will enable. We’ve already seen a number of impressive location powered user experiences and fascinating insights powered by Cintric, and are excited to see what comes next. I and our team strongly believe that the coming year is going to be an incredible time for location technology across the industry and we’re excited to be a part of it.
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@connorbowlan Curious what kind of "fascinating insights" and case studies you've seen from current users. I feel like people always use tools a little bit differently and it's interesting to see how others are thinking.
@andyfortson Great question. Here's an example of looking at the performance of coffee chains on national coffee day: . These insights are about locations, but location data can also tell us about the users who are on your app. For example we have large publishers who want to learn more about their audience to make better decisions about their content and have more successful negotiations with sponsors and advertisers.
@connorbowlan Such an improvement in the past 9 months. Congrats!
Would love to chat about partnering. We're building a messaging platform that could totally leverage a lot of this data.
Looks super dope, but I only know how to build apps in React Native. Do you have plans to build a bridge for RN?
Hey, @kevando_ thanks for asking. We originally launched with an Cintric iOS SDK and the team has been hard at work developing the Android SDK, which is now available. React, Cordova and Titanium are in development right now.
@idonahue Thanks Unsuave Panda
Awesome, congrats on the PH launch @connorbowlan. What was the hardest part to build?
@stevecaldwell I think that would have to be the Point of Interest database. POI is a major part of any location service and it's a herculean task to try and understand where EVERYTHING is in the world. Thankfully there's some great free databases out there to build off of. We took the largest one of those and continued to improve it with very accurate locations for stores etc. And even did quite a bit of POI verification by hand. Lots of work, but it's very important if you want to get accurate insights!
I really liked that it provides a demo app with demo. Nice touch.
@stargazer Thank so much! The team has put a lot of thought, time and effort in making the best product we can. We are extremely excited to share it with you all. Thank so much for your support. We look forward to from you and other users so we can improve our product :-)