A multiplayer 3D movie theater to experience videos in VR

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Introducing a multiplayer 3D movie theater to experience videos in VR where you can invite up to 4 friends to watch videos (trailers, YouTube videos, 3D trailers and more) simultaneously, with conversations & emojis!
Now if only you could get movies that were currently playing in the theatre (in good quality)...
@joshuapinter Hi Joshua, oh yes... Unfortunately movie industry is not ok/ready for that yet. But we're currently negotiating with producers & right owners to play TV Shows or older movies in our theater. Because we can't watch them in movie theaters!
What about Netflix? What about watching my own collection on something like a Plex server? Are thos coming? What service do you use for the movie rental on there currently?
@bradenhamm There is already a Netflix VR app for the Samsung Gear VR, where you can watch the whole Netflix catalog :)
@lionel_paulus @bradenhamm Yeap, but the overall experience is nothing to compare with our. Netflix recreated a living room + sofa + TV to watch Netflix... from your real sofa. Doesn't not make sens for us. I definitely think/hope they're working on something way better.