Discover, manage, and track the best Movies and TV shows

CineTrak lets you find the best movies and TV Shows, build your watchlist, and check reviews and ratings from multiple sources such as Trakt, IMDB, Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes.

CineTrak is built on Google Material Design and offers a gamified environment for making movie and TV watching fun and rewarding.

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Ping me when the iOS version is ready. The most frustrating words in my house are "I don't know, what do you want to watch" :)
@benjaminefox Hello Ben, I am the developer behind CineTrak. We will definitely consider an iOS version once we stabilize and have settled down a bit with the Android version. Thank you for your interest.
Whoa, Android first launch? That's rare on PH, I'm guessing you're not targeting US/Europe as primary markets? 🤔
@sebfeed Hi Sebastian, thanks for the insight. Well in fact we are targeting the mentioned markets and the reception has been quite well so far. iOS is definitely a market we have in mind so we will see how it goes later on :).
We would like to thank our community for the enormous feedback we have received. Over the past couple of weeks, we have introduced significant changes which are listed below: - Lots of UI improvements to make the Google Material Design experience much solid - German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Czech Language Support - Landscape support - Created a simple Knowledge Base site to help users better manage their watchlists: We have an additional batch of changes to roll out before we go live. As always please feel free to contact us using or through any of your preferred social media channels. Thank you
Great news everyone! First of all, we would like to thank each and everyone for your support and upvotes on Product Hunt. It means a lot to us. We just released another CineTrak update which is available on the Play Store. The changelog is as follows: - We added 2 new shortcuts to help you manage your "Watched List": 1) You can now mark movies as watched by tapping and holding any movie on the Discover screen 2) There is also no need to rate movies when adding to your watched list. You can easily swipe movies in the "My List" section and tap "OK". This will add the movie to the Watched List - Navigation has been largely improved: You can access the navigation drawer from any screen by "swiping the left side of the screen" which allows you to easily jump to another section - Movie Translations! Supporting over 10+ languages for movie names and synopsis - More info displayed regarding movie release date - New Content for Premium Users: We have prepared lots of awesome new Curated Lists: * Mind Bending movies * Top "whodunit" movies for fans of Mystery and Detective based stories * Top Directors: We have carefully prepared a list of best directors with their movies. From Scorcese and Kubrick to Polinski and Kurosawa, the list will continuously be updated with the top award-winning directors. We are making it easy for our users to easily find movies for their favorite directors. * Movies based on Loneliness * The best dystopian and near future movies * Top Conspiracy based movies * BBC's 100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century - Typos and UI enhancements We are always listening to your feedback so please do not hesitate to contact us.
CineTrak has crossed the 50K downloads mark! This is another major milestone CineTrak has achieved thanks to you, our awesome users! To celebrate this event, we will be giving away 6 promocodes in the next 6 days starting today. The promocodes will be divided equally between all our social media channels (FB, G+, and Twitter). Make sure you follow all 3 in order to maximize the chance of winning a promocode. The promocodes will be posted on random times of the day to give everyone a chance to win. As a final note, we have so much more planned for CineTrak and we cannot do it without your continuous support and feedback. Keep tracking and watching those awesome movies while we look forward to the next 50K downloads :)