CINEMOOD Storyteller

Miini cinema with kid-friendly content subscription.

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CINEMOOD has parents-curated content you can project onto any light surface. Choose from a bilingual library of cartoons, audio stories, digital books, lullabies, and shadow puppet show tutorials.
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Hey Kevin. Thank you for the hunt. It's also portable, cloud connected, kids friendly with much more awesome features coming
Kevin! It's so cool! :) Thanks a lot for the hunt! Have you seen this press review
I bought one for my nephew,it's awesome!
Nostalgia... like I'm a kid again. Great and kind project and awesome design!
This was around (or at least talked about a year ago) - what has happened (or not happened) in that time?
@bentossell Looks like the just secured more capital:
@bentossell Hey Ben. It was just a prototype year ago. Now it's life product. We successfully finished indiegogo campaigne, shipped to all backers. Already selling online now and will be available in the US retail soon.
@roymorejon @bentossell correct, Roy. Just announced closing of round A. But it's also that product is life now.