First 360° portable projector lets family experience safe VR

Portable projector that lets kids experience safe VR. Enjoy smarter, safer screen time in the immersive magical world of CINEMOOD360 and have an experience akin virtual reality without the need for a headset. For PH folks: use EARLYBIRD code to get 30% OFF
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24 Reviews5.0/5
Safe VR for kids. Exciting )
@9skotch Safety first! No blue light, no scary commercials, no passive viewing!
This thing goes viral! I love it!
@egor_431 Thank you! It's truly unique product
We are excited to announce the launch of our state-of-the-art newest technology – CINEMOOD360. The very first VR projector in the WORLD!!!
Wow! Amazing product
@nikolai_grachev Thank you Nikolai! What do you like the most about it?
@alina_the_great It is like everyday magic for my kids ✨
I refuse to buy a new TV until my kids are old enough not to break it. This could replace it without leaving a large expensive object in their play area to accidentally break.
@stevenreay absolutely true! Maybe CINEMOOD 360 is a solution <3