The best way to create and manage lists for your movies !

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Boris Berenberg
Boris Berenberg@imatincr · Atlas Authority
Any plans to integrate with
Olivier deLamarzelle
Olivier deLamarzelleMaker@tiekks · iOS Lead Dev
@imatincr Hi Boris ! Thanks for the idea, we didn't know this service but it's in our To-Do List now :) To be honest all our effort are into the iOS app right now but we will integrate new features soon. Their API look awesome so I'll let you know when this feature will be released.
Jimmy Douglas
Jimmy Douglas@jimmydouglas · Tesla
@imatincr Reach out if you need any guidance. :-)
Olivier deLamarzelle
Olivier deLamarzelleMaker@tiekks · iOS Lead Dev
@jimmydouglas @imatincr Will do thanks !
Olivier deLamarzelle
Olivier deLamarzelleMaker@tiekks · iOS Lead Dev
Hello Product Hunt !! We're happy to share CinemApp with you ! We're 3 students from Paris, Brooklyn and Montreal who worked together to solve one of our everyday problem about movies. Your friends always talk about a movie but you always forget about it ? That was happening to us all the time ! Now we got CinemApp and we can manage what we've already seen and also what movies we still have to watch. No more nights with the question: what should I watch tonight ? Just go on CinemApp and check your Watchlist. If it's empty you can even discover tons of movies by genre, rating, and popularity. For now it's only available on Android but soon it will be out on iOS and Apple TV. Thank you and I'd be happy to answer all your questions !
Bikram Agarwal
Bikram Agarwal@vicky_buddie
You know those movies that have extra scenes during or at the end of end credits.. You never know which movies have them and which don't. Marvel movies almost always have them, but Logan didn't. There is a website that keeps track of this. Would it be possible to integrate this with your app? Or provide something similar in your app?
Olivier deLamarzelle
Olivier deLamarzelleMaker@tiekks · iOS Lead Dev
@vicky_buddie Hello Bikram, unfortunately has no public API available so it is not possible with them, but we will keep in mind your idea and look for another solution ! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.
Kristoffer Bjurling
Kristoffer Bjurling@deleted-804949 · Human being.
App looks slick and fun to use, a bit sad I can't try it yet (on iOS) – but what would this app do differently than the iMDB watchlist?
Olivier deLamarzelle
Olivier deLamarzelleMaker@tiekks · iOS Lead Dev
Hi @kbjrlng ! It will be available soon on iOS we're working on it and thanks for asking. We don't liked the system that iMDB is using for managing your watch list, it easy to use but a little bit weird once you've watched the movie. With CinemApp you can clearly keep track of movies that you already watched and have statistics based on that. Also CinemApp is using which has more an open source mind than iMDB (not free) so by using CinemApp you'll contribute to a project usable by everyone. It's a major concern for student like us.
Алена Коваль
Алена Коваль@aliona_koval · Translator
it's cool!