Cinemagraph Pro (Flixel)

The easiest way to create cinemagraphs

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Ali R. Tariq
Ali R. TariqHunter@alirtariq · Product Designer, Axonify
It's hard not to be mesmerized by cinemagraphs - high quality images that seem static but have subtle motion effects. The process to make them through Photoshop/After Effects is pretty tedious, so it's only natural that a tool would be made to simplify the workflow. Cinemagraph Pro is that tool. And it's super cool. Check out the examples here:
Jeremy Zykorie
Jeremy Zykorie@jeremyz123
@alirtariq Definitely mesmerizing EDIT: the reviews on the app aren't good, as it apparently costs $20 to export
Philippe LeBlanc
Philippe LeBlancMaker@wordsfromphil · CEO, Flixel Photos
@alirtariq @JeremyZ123 Our App is a free download to view cinemagraphs and also to test out the creation tool but yes in order to export or post you must pay a one time fee to unlock it. The price is actually now $50 for iOS and $200 for Mac App. Our App is targeted for creative professionals and with our software you can create compelling marketing content. We are a creative software tools company with 10 employees and our monetization comes from selling our software. I never understood why people would give a negative review on the App Store because they have to pay for a product. I understand that Google has given most of their products for free and it set the tone but that's only doable because they sell your information to marketers and have the engine to make this business model viable. Personally I prefer not to be sold to anyone and pay for my products.
Robert Lendvai 
Robert Lendvai Maker@robertlendvai
Hi. Robert from Flixel here. Happy to answer any questions.
Stan Reimgen
Stan Reimgen@stanreim · Co-Founder Epiclist | UX Designer
Wow, this looks like magic! Great work, guys!
Alexis Jamet - Bunkr
Alexis Jamet - Bunkr@alexisjamet · CEO, Bunkr
Did you know you can already create presentations with Cinemagraphs in Bunkr? here is an example:
Gastón Oliva
Gastón Oliva@gastonoliva · Human lvl 36. Woowsomeness crafter
Looking forward to use the iOS app for a trip to Paris. 50€ it's a great prize for a product with this professional results.