Daily Fantasy Sports-style games for the movies

Fantasy sports meets the movies; think DraftKings goes Hollywood. Instead of picking athletes from teams, you’re selecting actors from movies in current release. You earn points for your call sheet (lineup) by how those actors’ movies perform at the North American box office, competing against others for cash prizes. CinemaDraft is free to play.

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Not bad idea, lets see what @PlayCinemaDraft is all about!
This is really interesting! I've actually never played a fantasy movie game before but the tutorial looked pretty fun. @swagpoker
@davidsfeng Thanks David! If you aren't already in this week's game, we'll have a new talent pool up on Tuesday, with games starting Thursday 10PM PT. Feel free to sign up and click the Live tab in the Contest Lobby to see current players' call sheets and how they're scoring in the game. We also have a goofy little podcast where we talk some general strategy and stuff.
So I am assuming this is the methadone to help wean me off the heroin that is "Draft Kings". I will be signing up for sure! Congrats on the launch
I can't register, not sure why. Keep getting blank error on top.
@amreezaid Hi amree. We're experiencing a temporary database issue that we're working to resolve now. I'll post again when it's been cleared. Sorry for the inconvenience!
@amreezaid Issue solved! Please try your signup again and enjoy the site!
Every few years a company comes out and tries to create fantasy sports for movies. I've tried every one. Yours looks the most promising, but as someone with limited knowledge of movies outside wide releases I would get killed. Maybe just focus on wide releases for now and expand later? And to counter the issue of similar lineups, you already have a solution - the multiplication factor. Or different multiplication tiers.
@nyjetlife Hi, thanks for your feedback. Actually, the fact that you may have limited knowledge outside wide releases puts you in the vast majority. In fact, there's always some small foreign film or faith-based indie film that comes out each week that eludes traditional tracking, but puts up big numbers. After only a couple of weeks, serious players pick up on identifying those types of trends - usually working off zero information - and start adding those actors from those movies to their call sheets. We also have a fledgling podcast where we discuss strategy and best guesses for the weekend every Wednesday and Friday AM, as well as recap the scoring/box office results Monday evening. Also part of the value proposition to the movie industry is that we DO shine a light on smaller films, getting wider engagement with our players/cinema buffs for movies they may not have known about otherwise. Sometimes I find out about a cool little movie I'd never heard of - and then go to the movies to see it! Perhaps you will, too? Good luck!