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Cinema Time is the best and easiest way to find the overview, cast and crew, release dates, and critic ratings of movies.

Joel Fischer
Madeline Ardilla
  • Joel Fischer
    Joel FischeriOS Team Lead, Livio

    Easy to use, Looks good, Syncs to Trackt


    Kind of Expensive

    I've been a longtime beta tester and have seen this go through many updates. It manages my movie watchlist and ratings. The sorts and filterings are solid and it looks pretty good. I'm very happy with it.

    Joel Fischer has used this product for one year.
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MaximilianMaker@maxhasadhd · iOS Developer & Designer
Hi there! I'm the creator of Cinema Time. I've been working on the app for over two years, with the first beta going out in July of 2016. The app has come a long way, and I'm proud of the product I launched with. Cinema Time is the best and easiest way to get all the information you need about a movie on iOS. The app has support for the latest iOS features like a today widget and iMessage app, accessibility, notifications, and more. If you have any questions about the product, I'd love to answer!
Jacob Hobbie
Jacob Hobbie@hobbiejacob · Software Developer/Philosopher
This application absolutely oozes design. It’s very fun to use tracking movies, comes with not only the standard in show tracking, Trakt, but also iCloud backups, and has fast loading times and seems to be bug free in my use so far. The developer has gone a long way since building his first app, TV Time, which I also use. The only thing I’d want? For all the improvements from Movie Time to come to TV time 😁. Excellent job, and congratulations on release!
MaximilianMaker@maxhasadhd · iOS Developer & Designer
@linkchef I'm so glad you are enjoying the app! I hope to bring a lot of the missing features into Television Time as well like the grid design (as an option) and inline cast / crew.
benjamin goldberg
benjamin goldberg@benjamingoldberg1 · Tech Student
Nice App Simple and good
João Caetano
João Caetano@joao_caetano · Product Analyst @ PrintWayy
Are you thinking about developing for Android? Would love to test it out.
MaximilianMaker@maxhasadhd · iOS Developer & Designer
@joao_caetano Hey there! Unfortunately not. I work on this app, and a TV version as side projects to my full time job so adding any more projects would be too much and I'd neglect these 2 apps probably :(
João Caetano
João Caetano@joao_caetano · Product Analyst @ PrintWayy
@maxhasadhd thanks for the answer, and great job. Maybe in the future when I buy an apple device (waiting to become rich soon ;p) I'll definetly use this application.
Hola yesyesyes Boop
Hola yesyesyes Boop@hola_yesyesyes_boop
Hello!! I’ve been having some trouble with the app for the past few days and I was wondering if I could possibly get some feedback on what to do. Each time I open the app, I can click other movies and TV shows just fine, but when I go to the search bar and search up movies and such, it just has the loading circle that never actually loads. It just never shows up the movie I clicked on or looked up. Is there anyway to fix that?