Multiplayer movie based trivia game

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Sergey Kamashkin
Sergey KamashkinHunter@kamashkin
CineClash is a free multiplayer movie based trivia game which can generate knowledge about your preferences during the gameplay and recommend you movies or TV shows accordingly. Have fun challenging your friends and enemies or create your own quizzes and send them to your friends in this hot trivia game! Reasons why you should be playing CineClash right now: - Thousands of movie and TV show based questions - Challenge your friends or enemies - Create your own set of questions and challenge your friends using them - Get the most interesting recommendations generated right for you - Explore new movies and TV shows based on the recommendations If that is not enough, there is even more about this trivia game: - Game learns what you like - Game recommends movies and TV shows to watch - Prove how smart you are - Learn something new about movies and TV shows CineClash is the only trivia game available which can learn something about you and recommend you something to watch accordingly.