Cinebody Memories

Preserve your loved one's memories with videos

Cinebody Memories is a way to preserve your loved one's memories with video stories. A Denver-based startup, it helped a friend record his dad's stories after a cancer diagnosis: A gift that's great for the holidays, and lasts not just one lifetime, but many.

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This one is close to my heart. After losing my Dad to cancer in February 2017, I would have loved to have used Cinebody Memories to capture the stories of his life before he passed. Happy to be able to hunt this product now so that others can get an opportunity to use it with their loved ones now, before it is too late.
@therealsjr I feel the same. Sorry for your loss. Lost my mom to cancer in June 2017. I don’t have even one video of her. I just shared on my Facebook page. Hope others can benefit.
Hi this seems like a lovely concept but can you explain how it’s different from just recording someone with your phones video app? I had a look up and down the page and couldn’t see an explainer on that one.
@mickc79 Also would like to know this. I assume it makes it easier to organize them. Maybe: • setting reminders. • allowing easier playback • setting titles • automatic transcription of the videos which allow quick searching of what was said.
Hi @mickc79 and @joshuapinter, By filming into the Cinebody app, as soon as you finish recording a video response your video is sent directly to the platform where it’s processed by professional editors. (The original videos are always there for you to download as well, but the premise is to streamline the whole process.) Since each question is organized into its own category, the editors can easily put together a beautiful final video for you to share with friends and family. It also provides an extensive bank of questions to help get the conversation started. You can also signal to the video editors that a question and response was exceptionally meaningful by ‘starring’ it in the app, which prioritizes the question in the platform.
@joshuapinter @adamz Good answer. I get it. Does using human editors give you a scaleability problem?
The makers of Cinebody Memories have created a coupon for Product Hunt users. Use "PHunt" and the first 50 people will get access for just $29.99.
@therealsjr, I just spoke with the team, and we just want to get it out there so people can test it during the holidays. No code needed any more. $19.99 for everyone for the next week or two.
Thanks for the post, Stewart. Your story is close to how this came to be. This week I was on site with Cinebody, one of the companies I invested in through Discovery Communications earlier this year, to help them plan for 2018. Over dinner, the founders and I ended up talking about how my father had cancer in May and how it threw the family for a loop. One thing led to another and two days later we had repurposed their app (which helps brands and companies streamline the UGC content creation process) to record and preserve some of my father's stories from growing up. My mom loved the final video so much she cried. While this may not be for everyone, the product provides sample questions, individual video responses, and a final edited video comprised of favorite clips. The goal is that it can help people start conversations they may not easily have, get clips of all their videos to save, and have a final video edited too. This trip turned out better than expected. PS: It's my dad in the video with my sister asking questions on the site. All the responses are truthful, except for his name. (We had him do a fake one.)
Congrats on launch, Cinebody. Denver represent.