A chatbot to help women get the raise they deserve

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Gillian Morris
Gillian MorrisHiring@gillianim · CEO, Hitlist
This is an incredibly well executed app. Run through a set of questions and provide your locations to get a benchmark of what you should be making. Cindybot takes you through building your case, valuing yourself properly, and mentally preparing for asking for a raise.
Aditi Bhargava
Aditi Bhargava@aditibhar · UX Researcher @ Google
This was such a well set up messenger bot experience!! The question prompts were really well thought out, and it was awesome to see it come together at the end! This is truly a scalable tool that I believe can truly empower women to embrace negotiating salary at full force! 💪🏾
Eugenia@zoogenia · Designer
PLEASE please make this functional for Canadian women. I got jammed at 'zipcode'.
Pablo Pera
Pablo Pera@espinchi · Reply co-founder
@zoogenia Totally, we built this bot for the US market, primarily. We'll extend that to international postal codes too
Eugenia@zoogenia · Designer
@espinchi awesome! :D any rough idea when?
Saul Fleischman
Saul Fleischman@osakasaul · RiteKit Founder & CEO
I would like to see what you're offering before authoring Facebook. Coming from ProductHunt, where there's no video, no full description in a comment, "Get it" leads directly to the Messanger login.
RebeccaHunter@_rsamuelson · Senior BI Engineer
Clara de Soto
Clara de Soto@claradactyl · Creative Director/Co-Founder
Francis Kim
Francis Kim@franciskim_co · Full Stack Human
👍 Nice one! Added to: