Cindicator for Android

Free virtual trading and stock market app for investors

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Hey hunters! I'm Mike Brusov, co-founder of Cindicator. We are happy to announce the global launch of the Android version of Cindicator! Cindicator it's a free virtual trading and stock market app for non-professional traders and individual investors. You can test your forecasting skills and make money by correct predicting future financial events! Every day you receive a list of the most relevant financial events the outcome of which will happen in the nearest future. The challenge for you is to predict the result of those events and become among top 2% of the most successful forecasters to be able to win the cash prize fund at the end of each month. It’s not just another Prediction Market. We don’t offer to risk your own money, but on the contrary, every month you have a chance to win the cash prize fund. Maybe our app would be your first step to your successful trading career. How knows? Let's disrupt Wall Street together!
Nice hunt, though I used it on iOS some time ago :) I guess you had 99% of financial forecasts, so do you plan to add non-financial ones?
@paul_shuteyev Thanks for using our app) We'll plan to add non-financial events which can indirectly impact on financial markets. Today we will ask about the timing of Trump impeachment )
Hey, Interesting idea. How much money (on average) each user could win in your app?
@medvednikov Hey Eugene! It depends on your accuracy of course ) But, the average superforecaster in our app earns $50 each month.
Hey folks, Are you using these forecasts and signals for your personal trading? Do you sell this data to any 3rd parties? Thanks!
@najib_muabbat Hi Najib, yes and yes )) But the main focus in our business model is to develop trading algorithms and trading bots by using crowdsourced forecasts for hedge funds. You can see more details here: