Cinder Grill

Grill food with the perfection of a sous vide

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#6 Hunter. eSkateboards are my jam
I love my sous vide. It cooks food to the prefect temp and reduces the anxiety of timing everything to be ready at the same moment. I pretty much always end up pulling out a pan to sear what I'm cooking or putting it in the oven to broil briefly. The Cinder Grill combines those into one device and sounds like the prefect kitchen gadget.
Justin Mitchell
Founder & CEO @ Yac
@kristofertm I don't know what I'd do without my Sous Vide. Will need to check this out.
Brandon LarsonTechnologist @RedBull and other things
@kristofertm Have you seen the Joule from Chef Steps? We've had 4 different Sous Vide machines over the years and this one is probably the coolest - at least... it's super small and you can use it with Alexa. This grill looks awesome - nice one!
Gabriel HudsonResearcher

I love my Cinder! Just cooked lamb chops on it last night. Everything I have done on it comes out perfectly--never overdone or underdone. My Cinder is my favorite part of the kitchen.


The sous vide!


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Ryan JenkinsProduct Manager, Degreed
Has this never been featured before? The video is from 2015.
Noah Kim
Product Design @ FB
@ryanthejenks was about to ask the same thing. I remember seeing this years ago. A little worrying that it still hasn't launched.
Natasha BakerFounder, SnapEDA
I bought V1 of the Cinder, and absolutely love it! I use it mainly for seafood (which it's perfect for) and veggies. Using the app, I just input what I'm cooking (scallops, salmon, etc.) and how I'd like it (rare, medium, etc.). The grill automatically heats up to the required temperature, and notifies me when it's cooked perfectly. At that point, I give it a quick sear and I'm done.
Sameer Sontakey
CEO / Founder at Biostrap
Got my mine about a month ago and I love it. Looks amazing in my kitchen and the mobile app is well done. Oh, and I made the best ribeye steak I've ever made using this bad boy.
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