Free and open source library for creative coding in C++

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Cinder makes me believe that I can create the next digital Mona Lisa πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» The entire gallery is full of beautiful work and I hope mine might make it in there eventually...
Been watching Cinder grow and come into its own for years. It's a great project (used by famous artists such as Robert Hodgin (flight404). Tons of thumbs up!
I love to watch projects and art coming from under tools like Cinder, OpenFrameworks, Processing etc. The only downside of Cinder I find from the start is, that it still does not provide the official Linux version. :(
@darekdoesstuff I also used to think that, but there seems to be one now. Haven't properly looked into it yet (more of an openFrameworks guy myself..), but here's the link:
@matthiasesterl Yes, I am aware of that and all praises should go to people who try make it happen (ha, I looked more into OpenFrameworks as well, because it works great on Linux), but that's why I used the word "official". And the official statement reads: "Cinder is cross-platform, with official support for OS X, Windows, iOS, and WinRT" only.
@darekdoesstuff Yeah, ok.. your right. But at least, its on the "official" github repo.