Interactive map of the startup scene in Cincinnati

Glad to see someone putting #StartupCincy on the map ;)
@stevecaldwell 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻
@stevecaldwell Glad to see someone holding down Team Dad Jokes 😂
This is awesome. Even as part of the community, I forgot how much it has grown!
@cridenour Yes, it is growing a lot faster than what I expected. What would be also be interesting is to have funding data be another layer on top of this .
@lipmanb @cridenour Well, it might. But you might just see a couple big stacks and a lot of seeds and pre-seeds if Crunchbase is an accurate reflection.
Forgot to mention that if you click on the map and type in "STARBUCKS" you get a solid map of all the Starbucks within the city. #EasterEgg
@jakeboyles can we get a "BEER" easter egg for breweries next? :)
@tmetzner on the feature list!
Made me think of @jacqvon + @sethbwilliams immediately 😘❤️
@katesegrin So awesome! I love this!
Wow. Really solid. Cincinnati has been growing fast since I left in late 2014.
@gonsanchezs It's really taken off. We have a great community and a great group of people who are really doing amazing things.
@jakeboyles definitely. I'll be back, eventually. Just being in OTR feels amazing.
@gonsanchezs glad to hear, and yeah just the change in OTR is insane.
@gonsanchezs @jakeboyles get back here Gon... first sandwich at Eagle is on me :)
@gonsanchezs I said the same thing when I left in 2012. So awesome to see!