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Cinamaker is the first mobile-native multi-camera video production and live streaming platform (iOS).

With your iPad as the control center, Cinamaker simply connects up to 4 iPhones and/or digital cams, 8 audio sources, a rich graphics/media engine, & live editor -- saving countless hours in post while you create video like the pros.

released 8/3

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@gary_baker how about mix of macbook screen sharing and iphone camera stream?
Hi @vladkorobov! Yes, Cinamaker can convert the output from your MacBook so it is inclusive in your single or multi-camera production. #videoproduction
@cinamakerapp so is there specific desktop app or chrome plugin for the screen capture?
@vladkorobov @cinamakerapp I am curious also about screen sharing. I would love to be able to stream my screen and also chat with my viewers. Is chat possible? How do we stream our Screen, HDMI? Thank you.
@vladkorobov @deysonortiz Hi Guys- sorry for the delay responding. With our new launch we will have support via an MacOS app Cina I/O that sends your the contents of your screen to the Director Pad as an input. Alternately we allow any HDMI input through our HDMI encoders we will offer for $199.
As a content creator I'm always looking for tools and products that can save me time in the process... post production is the biggest headache, I usually outsource this if I can just because it can be super time consuming... really interested in trying this out. @gary_baker
@abadesi Multi-camera live switching reduces editing time exponentially. Cinamaker gives you the tools to connect, record and live stream multiple cameras, audio sources, even graphics and edit live as if you are in a TV studio or mobile TV production truck. All you need are (up to) 4 iPhones and an iPad. Let us know if you have any questions.
Interesting app! Love that it utilizes hardware that we already have, making one less thing to carry. +1 for that! Will definitely be playing around with this for some upcoming projects that are in the pipeline.
Video mentions that Cinamaker is also a hardware provider but I do not see anything on the website regarding this kit. I think this will be really important for reliability as my past experience with Bluetooth connections or wifi sync and live streaming always proved stressful. Looks really interesting - if you can point me in the direction of the information I am missing I will check it out for sure.
Hi @thisissb - Connectivity kits will be available on new web site Aug 1.
@thisissb Let us know how we can be of service in the interim.
This looks very cool - potentially could give you a very robust podcasting setup with minimal hardware!
@ducktuckgo Hi Tucker. Cinamaker for video recording and live streaming podcasts is super easy.