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This is just the beginning for Cimply! So we need your feedbacks, suggestions, and love before we roll out other exciting features. Cimply is an app that lets you connect and share your information with people around you, instead of passing out the business card, and will never run out! It is an easy, fun and paper-less way to share and introduce others as well, even if they don't have Cimply. The best part? It intuitively helps you understand the personality of the person you’re speaking to, as we speak! Easy to Use Share your cards anytime, even with non-Cimply users via text, email or your unique URL. Intelligently Categorized Find out Where, When and How you’ve linked with people. Personality Profiles Build productive relationships by understanding the personality of people you communicate with.
Cool project. Wish you guys all the best. Looking forward to the iOS app n
@san_picciarelli You just made our day, thanks Lyondhur. Will keep you posted once the iOS is out.
Just tested it on a colleague's Android smartphone; you guys are into something really REALLY cool. I can see so many ways you can leverage from the platform. Keep up the great work. Best of luck.
Another vote for iOS
@greg_appelhof Roger that! 🤘🏻 very soon.
Interesting - will try it out.
@david_weaver android only 😫 I'll have to wait. If it's a lite LinkedIn without the newsfeed or ads then I would use it for sure.
@david_weaver iOS is coming soon David, and promise it'll be interesting!
Hi - I contacted your company through the website but haven't heard back. I somehow ended up on your mailing list but never signed up. I do browse product hunt though. Any ideas? Cheers!
@xcadaverx Hi Daniel, Thanks for reaching out and my apologize if that bothers you, I've replied your email personally. Look forward to having you on board. Cheers.