Control Apple TV from your mobile device or Mac.

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This app has one killer feature. The remote pops up in the notification window after you add it as a widget. I use it daily to control my Apple TV without unlocking my phone. Super handy. 📺
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Typing my Netflix email and password with the Apple TV remote is such a pain. Upvoted!
@rrhoover happy to hear, Ryan! Enjoy! =)
Apple TV remote does most of that already. no?
@ourielohayon hi! You are right, CiderTV works like native Remote app by Apple, but it is more accurate, responsive, stable, lets you to control multiple Apple TVs and linked Smart TV volume at the same time and - what is most convenient - you can control your Apple TV even without unlocking your iOS device. Besides that, if you lost your native Apple TV / Siri remote - you can pair manage without it (just take a look on CiderTV version for Mac)
CiderTV app is a unique and smooth alternative to Apple TV / Siri Remote. It is available for iOS, Android, Mac OS and Apple Watch. It works via WiFi and behaves like native Remote app by Apple, but more accurate and responsive. And no Apple TV jailbreak is needed.
Looks really great just still dont know exactly what is the difference btw this app and "Remote" App by Apple?
@adigold1 This looks interesting in the fact that it works on the Mac as well. Otherwise, it seems a little better than the current Remote app but likely won't be as good when the one shown at WWDC is available.
@kenyarmosh @adigold1 with CiderTV for Mac you can pair version for iOS and Android without remote at all =) (for Apple TV 3) so you will never be afraid to lose the native remote or whatever ))
@olya_galkina wow ! That's nice feature! Thanks for sharing:)
@adigold1 If you will need help - we have tutorial here - or you can contact anyone from our team or our support manager inside the app =) Enjoy!
@kenyarmosh @adigold1 it has OS X and Android version too, yes. But curious, how exactly updated Apple Remote app will be better?