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Patrick Han
Patrick HanMaker@patrickhan93 · Product Specialist, @CiceroAPI & @Azavea
Hey Product Hunt, I’m Patrick from the Cicero team in Philly. We’re excited to be hunting our free Cicero Live tool with the PH community! It’s an exciting time for us as we’re expanding our data coverage to every US city with a population of greater than 100,000. Cicero Live is our free elected official lookup tool for the Cicero database, which covers legislative districts & representative contact info at the local, state, and federal level. Our team of data researchers update the database daily to capture the latest election results. Our data powers tools by Facebook, Countable, Phone2Action, and more. Unlike other district matching services, we match based on address-level data rather than ZIP code (which is less accurate because many ZIP codes include multiple legislative districts). Shoot me an email at if you have any questions!
Jason Weingardt
Jason Weingardt@jason_weingardt
@patrickhan93 congrats on the launch! 🚀
Patrick Han
Patrick HanMaker@patrickhan93 · Product Specialist, @CiceroAPI & @Azavea
@jason_weingardt Thanks so much Jason! We're big fans of the work y'all are doing at countable