Prevent churn on your mobile app subscriptions

ChurnSDK was designed to prevent churn on your mobile app subscribers. ChurnSDK let you know when your subscribers change their behavior using your product, so you can take actions to prevent churn. Works with AppStore, GooglePlay and Stripe.
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Hi 👋 We have an app subscription business and during the last 24 months, we’ve faced a high churn of our subscribers. So we created an SDK and implemented it in our Mobile App to predict user’s churn. We flag users who have changed their usage behavior and take action when our tool predicts the churn. The results we got during these months are a decrease in our churn rate from 39% monthly to 8% by now, increasing our MRR by 300% and growing. Consider this, with 5% monthly churn your company is losing almost 50% of customers or revenue every year. Many businesses are focused on getting new customers but is 6X cheaper to keep your existing customers. This SDK Technology can be a game changer for all businesses with subscriptions and can also be useful to grow Daily active users. We have decided to launch the SDK public. Give it a try, its useful to take action and also improve your business.
Lachlan Kirkwood
Helping Makers Look Better 👕
Amazing product! Had looked into the Firebase alternative in the past, but this seems like such a powerful tool 🙌
Ruben Sandoval Davila
CTO Avena &
@lachlankirkwood thanks 💪🏻