Churn Buster

Stop losing customers to failed payments

Churn Buster integrates with Stripe, Braintree, and other payment processors to recover failed payments in a reliable, scalable way. Smart email campaigns, login-free card update pages, and detailed reporting so you can take control of involuntary churn.

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Churn Buster has been acquired and re-launched by the Founders of and We're so much more than dunning emails, and are building a team of experts who use a real human touch to fix your churn problems. You can read more about the acquisition here: I would love to hear from anyone who has tried Churn Buster before, or who is curious about it.
Congrats to @andrewculver for a successful exit! (And for building something awesome in the first place) Also, you couldn't have found a better team than @sdmattg, @joellegoldman and @kenjonson to acquire ChurnBuster. Well done!
@mijustin Awwww very kind Justin. Thank you so much!
@mijustin thanks Justin! So excited to make this announcement and get cranking. I've wanted to work with Matt and Joey for a while now. The product & timing is just perfect—psyched to have @andrewculver remain as an advisor too!
@mijustin Thanks so much, Justin! I couldn’t agree more about Matt, Joelle, and Ken. I had received interest from other folks about acquiring Churn Buster previously, but I never felt settled about it the way I did when Matt, Joelle, and Ken reached out. I have so much respect for them, and as someone now investing in the business, I can’t wait to watch their success moving Churn Buster forward.
Can't wait to start using this for Teachery! Congrats @sdmattg and team 👍
Congrats to both parties on such an awesome acquisition! Hope you all have harmony, peace, and plenty of new customers.