A new way to write a whole bunch of stuff

✍️chunks is an app for writers and non-writers. Just write like you'd be writing on messenger! ✌️

We've never been writing and reading as much as we are today with social media. This is an opportunity for anyone who likes or needs to write to experiment with different formats and develop new ideas!

If you have any feedback, please tell me below 👇!

Really beautifully designed!
Hey! Tibo here, I'm the creator of chunks! 👋 I'm all alone creating this product and this is my first one so it is probably flawed and incomplete. I'm fully aware of it and would really love to hear ideas, suggestions, or read what you came up with using chunks! The design philosophy behind chunks came up to me as I was reorganizing my kitchen — it's funny how when you change things a bit and make some spices or tools more accessible to you, your cooking is totally different. I think we need more and more design experiments with basic computer tools (word processing, calculators, spreadsheets) to help people work differently (and hopefully better!) and create new types of computing skills and digital formats. Chunks is a first experiment, hopefully followed by more in the future :) If you're interested in this project or would like to discuss, do not hesitate to contact me here or on twitter. I'm currently looking forward to meet new interesting makers and product-addicts. Hope to hear from you!
Clean look. I can see the vision! Definitely clean space to jot down ideas and group them fast
I've been using it for the last couple of hours to write ideas for my clients and I love it!
@sebcardozo7 That's so cool! Very glad you like it!
Really neat idea! Are Chunks meant to be edited / reorganized after entry? I would hope so, but maybe that's not what you're trying to do. It would be nice of your website gave more info on how that works (assuming it exists).
@kaitlynhanrahan Hi Kaitlyn, indeed they're not as it is. Chunks was a design experiment focusing on letting people write freely without thinking about corrections, grammar, or anything — just like a casual talk with a blank screen. And so you're right, some features lack too much and some design choices were too extreme for a simple writing tool. However I'm currently planning a v2 where chunks could be a real writing app (and with a real website :)), so your comment (and all others) helps me a lot figuring out how to improve it! Thank you!
@tttiiibbbooo It really is a clever idea! And makes 100% sense that v1 would just be the clever/unique part. But for me to use it, I would need a way to process these chunks in some way. Otherwise, what's the point of getting them out of my head if they're just lost in this app? Unless it really is just the clarifying exercise of having a conversation with yourself... which is certainly valuable, too. Maybe I will try v1 ;-)