Increase conversions, track activity, build trust

Chummy Bot is a social proof plugin which improves your ability to convert website visitors into clients. It tracks the customer's journey and pushes dynamic, automated and criteria based in-page push notifications to build engagement and trust.
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Dear ProductHunters, This is ChummyBot, combining live tracking and smarter End-User engagement for more conversions. My name is Eric. I understand that there are a few other social proof products out there, but the ChummyBot roadmap is taking us on a different path in terms of capabilities, revenue sharing, and also of seamless integration in the target application. At the moment, all social proof products push a little banner in the target website. We do this too, but we also offer a full tracking of visitors' activity. At the moment, all social proof products are used on a subscription basis. Well, we offer a better deal: - ChummyBot is free for up to 1,000 unique monthly visitors (with unlimited push notifications). - Register before end January to get up to 5,000 unique monthly visitors, free until end March 2020. - Get a ChummyBot Premium subscription for free after just 4 automatic referrals - Our pricing is on par with the lowest on the market. Benefits of using ChummyBot: - truly optimized for speed and not slowing down your website - fully compatible with mobile (Android and iOS) - also includes complete tracking of your visitors' activity (visitors, visits, page views, by country, geoloc, etc...) - push notifications include the usual website visitor's activity, live counts, but also client reviews and free text with backlinks to your pages - full customization of push notifications via template - start/stop any push notification in real-time from your dashboard Although we have a clear roadmap taking ChummyBot towards more automation and more seamless integration into any UI, we would really love to hear your feedback. Join-in and have a say: what more you would like us to offer? Our team is excited at the opportunity to help and partner with Product Hunters. As we are developers (not marketers), we are also looking for commercial partners (get 33% on all your ChummyBot referrals for life - Not just the first month.... for as long as the referred user pays the subscription!). We are looking forward to your comments and are ready to answer your questions. Thanks! Eric
@orkhanh - thank you for your encouragements. Would be delighted to get your feedback from use of the product. Take care.
great job guys, keep it up!
Does this send push notification only when the user is active? ?makers
@rahulgemawath - Hi thanks for your question. At the moment, push notifications DO NOT loop, so that you do not end up spamming the user (like some others do...). The number of push notifs depends on how many you activated in your dashboard, but you will probably end up with between 1 to 7 push notifs per page. When the webpage loses focus, the push notif currently continues until the last one is shown, although it is planned shortly that we pause it until the page gets back the focus. It's a good idea to detect user activity (mouse movements / page scrolling) and push accordingly if user is active. At the moment we do not do this, but its noted to be added to the roadmap! ;-) Hope this answers your question in details, and thanks again for looking. Take care.