Livestream 90sec moments & see realtime facial expressions

#5 Product of the DayOctober 10, 2015
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Hello Hunters and thanks Eric for hunting us 👋, Chubble 🐘lets you share 90-second LIVE moments with your friends & see their emotions and facial expressions in real-time as if they’re living the moment with you 💆. By using facial recognition technology, we’re able to capture emotions directly from the front-camera to make the experience full of life. Engage with your friends’ moments by commenting with your emotions attached to what you say just like in real life. You can select different friends for different moments, and make your awesome moments even better. Throughout the testing phase, we've seen a lot of super creative use cases that we've never dreamed of and people seem to be falling in love with it. 😹 Add me on Chubble: @MotazG I'm also here to answer any questions ❤️
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Hey Guys! You can add me on Chubble @mohammed 😁
Add me on chubble! @Chris