Chronos – Master of Time

Time zone converter, meeting scheduler + video conferencing

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Gabriel Lewis
@gabriel__lewis · 🤔
This is definitely needed. Probably the hardest part about working remotely is managing time in three different time zones. 🕓🕔🕕
Eric Willis
@erictwillis · Working on something new
Chronos is a time zone converter and scheduler for organizing meetings or calls in multiple time zones all over the world. Organize meetings in 2 taps and set up HD video calls using Zoom straight from the app.
Matt Dibb
@matt_dibb · Investor and Maker
Hi all matt here. I created this out of frustration and my constant travelling as well as need to have calls across multiple time zones. Our key point of difference is the ability to setup and use Zoom HD calling direct from app! Let me know what you think and happy to answer any questions 😄
Matt Dibb
@matt_dibb · Investor and Maker
Hey Adam! It syncs with Gmail and also sends .ics to sync with phone and calendar. It will also automatically create events in your phone and prompt you for outlook !
Adam Revetta
@arrev · Building something new 🚀
Nice work @matt_dibb! I see that it says "Integrated Calendar Sync" - is this just for the native iPhone calendar, or will it also sync with 3rd party calendars like Outlook, etc?