Chronos: JIRA Timetracking System

Cross-platform Timetracking app and JIRA plugin

Chronos is a Timetracking system for JIRA. It consists of two projects: Chronos Timetracker - free open-sourced desktop client for tracking JIRA worklogs, and Chronos Timesheets - rich and flexible JIRA plugin for vieweing worklogs.

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Hi, product hunters 👋 I'm a co-founder and designer of Chronos and here is a brief Q&A about our product. How is it different from other timetracker? Chronos works with native JIRA methods. You track time on tasks from JIRA and your logged hours appear as native JIRA worklogs. Who is it for? People who work with JIRA and track time. If you don’t want to use third-party timetrackers, you can move all of your work history to JIRA. Our desktop client is open-sourced and we don’t store your working hours data (we store screenshots and activity if you tell us so, but you can keep it time-only). Can I use it if I don’t have JIRA team? No, you can’t. We don’t store data on our servers, we’re just providing a tool for working with worklogs. One of our goals during development was reducing a need to use JIRA web interface and make user-flow as comfortable as possible. Here is something you can do with Chronos Timetracker: -Find any task among your projects/boards/spring. -Check task details, comments, worklogs. -Get a quick task report -Move task to “Done” All of that without leaving an app. Less distraction, isn’t that what we need? Also, Chronos Timetracker is absolutely free! Learn more about Chronos: Check code base and design case-study: Thanks for your time 🙌