Tab manager + website blocker for Firefox

A clean & easy-to-use tab manager + website blocker. Let online work flow like time. With Chronos, you can save your tabs now and restore them later, block websites (and change block lists on-the-fly), and more.

Hello ProductHunt! I'm Kevin, the developer behind Chronos here. We've all had our moments of getting carried away in the internet. Some of us might realize we have a really big problem with our surfing habits. What next? Chronos is the toolkit that can fill in that mysterious gap between "uh oh" and success. It's an extension that tackles our worst habits; the current release, for example, has the ability to block websites and clean up tabs. These superpowers combined are packaged neatly in a sleek UI so anyone who is looking to enhance their productivity can do so without sweating a bullet. The momentum for Chronos has only started ramping up. I'm looking for feedback from users on how the extension can improve their online lifestyle. Give it a whirl and send some thoughts over! I'd greatly appreciate it.