A simple Pomodoro timer for macOS 🍅

Chronos is a simple and powerful tool that lets you manage your time more efficiently and in a systematic way which ensures maximum productivity. Time management can often prove tricky for some, so using a time management tool like Chronos will help you ease the situation.

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AravindDeveloper | Petrol Head | Designer

Apparently the app does what it says, simple, no frills! Been wonderful so far.


Simple, straight forward


None encountered so far

Amrith Shanbhag
Community at Opal 💎 Board of Gen-Z 🐝
@arjunz are there any features that make this different from so many other Pomodoro Mac apps out there? 🤔
Founder, Techulus
@amrith I’ve tried several Pomodoro apps before building Chronos. Some of reason for leaving other apps were: 1. Some of them were build using web technologies like electron, I don’t want dedicate too much system resources to such a small application. 2. I didn't like fancy apps, I liked the concept of a minimalist menu bar app, that doesn’t obstruct my work in any way. 3. Support for native push notifications and an option to set custom duration is also something I needed. Chronos was build to meet my exact needs and has been a critical part of my daily workflow. Chronos allows me to set custom time duration and the statistics lets me calculate the time I spend working. So it works as a simple time tracking application also.