Turn any watch into a smartwatch

#3 Product of the DayNovember 09, 2015
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This looks really interesting, but if we have the technology to stuff all of this functionality into such a thin disk, why can’t we put it into a thin bracelet, like this: Also, why no photos from the side so we can see exactly how thick this thing is?
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Good product but I feel like the website lacks information in showcasing the actual product and what it does.
these guys went through the Highway1 incubator and were getting quite a lot of interest on Hacker News yesterday.
Interesting. But... getting a vibration or a glowing LED without seeing what the notification is defeats a lot of the value of getting a notification on your wrist. So, it's primary value is as an activity tracker, and there's already a number of devices that might not slap to your watch but are just as discrete.
@joshuapinter Fair point, but if it's one less thing to put on, I'm suddenly more interested.
@eliservescent Hardly. First off, I take my watch off when I sleep, I never took off my FitBit (pre Apple Watch). Secondly, I have multiple watches based on the occasion so I would have to slap this piece of kit to whatever watch I'm currently wearing anyway (again, pre Apple Watch).
@joshuapinter Good point re: taking it off when you sleep. I generally have only one watch in rotation, though, and am a fan of a super-minimal routine, so for me it's still more appealing than e.g. the Misfit Shine, which, even if it can clip inside my shirt or somewhere so it doesn't disrupt my look, is still one more thing I have to think about before I've had coffee. Does seem like the single-watch use case is crucial here.
@joshuapinter Mark from Chronos here. We believe that what you wear on your body shouldn't distract you - you already have a cellphone that beeps and buzzes for every message you want. RE: notifications - we've worked hard to help you easily filter your notifications that come to your Chronos to just the things you care about so you can stay more engaged in your day to day life. We filter notifications with unique vibration and optional light patterns for your key contacts (we recommend 3-5), phone calls and favorite apps. Our vibration patterns are so unique that you will quickly learn to differentiate them, so you will know who's contacting you or what app is sending you a notification. It's pretty fun to try out and it's amazing how quickly you can learn to differentiate the notifications.
I totally believe in this new opportunity field of just adding tech to existing products. The Smart Wheel from FlyFly, the Emberlight socket, ... are other great examples. Let's call them Product Transformers. Still waiting for the Smart Thermostat Battery :) btw I've started a collection >>