See how your environment and lifestyle affects your DNA 🧬

Do you have DNA? Of course you do. You're human. Did you know that it is possible to know your biological age, your body composition and how you have been affected by smoke exposure? These are things you can actually measure for the first time.
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Hello ProductHunt community! I'm one of the co-founders and CBDO, ask away any questions about Chronomics! We're super excited to bring epigenetics out of the lab and into your hands.
@toby_call very exciting man. will follow your progress. congrats.
We were the first institutional investors in the company when the team was working on their first prototype/idea. The basic premise is that: your whole genome is fixed from birth - that's 3.2 billion letters of information that make up your DNA, however, your lifestyle and the environment can change how that information expresses itself. Epigenetics is the study of those changes. Their test can show how your environment and lifestyle affect you at a DNA level. They are the first company in the world to do this. They just launched their first product.
@christine_lix Thanks Christine! fire away any questions, or hit us up if you want to find out more!
Wow amazing !