Where our photos make history. Chronicle it!

Chronicle is the new visual storytelling platform where our photos make history. Create collaborative, chronological narratives on any subject. #ChronicleIt!

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Hey, Steve & Team Chronicle! Love this concept. I think being intentional about how we can authentically write ourselves into history is important. Two QQs - 1) How does your platform differentiate itself from social media channels? I think by tagging a location/hashtag on a post automatically chronicles each individual's "story." 2) What are the moderator responsibilities? By creating a new chronicle, what is that user signing up for?
@madison_hanna Thanks for the positive feedback and Q's! When everyone's images come together to tell a story it becomes 'our story'. Images in the context of time are a powerful way to tell and preserve stories - and visual history. 1) Chronicle is a social media platform and fills a gap in the marketplace. The chronicle is the hashtag. Images are enduring vs. ephemeral. It is great that people post snapshot moments on Instagram but when they have a moment that they want to preserve and benefit the greater community/bigger story... Chronicle it! 2)The user that starts the chronicle sets the moderation. This provides quality control and curation (a. anyone can view/add with no approval required. b. approval of image required by a moderator c. view only). Unlimited co-moderators can be added to any chronicle. Chronicle is an API platform with easy free embed code to pull the content in to a users or publishers website or blog. Thanks!
@steven_mcbride, makes sense! Best of luck. : )
Greetings hunters!! Steve & Team Chronicle here. Snapshots capture individual moments in time. Chronicle captures collective stories in history. Chronicle is a unique visual storytelling platform that empowers people with shared experiences, passions, and causes to record their stories, together. The community is powered by its contributors - that’s you! Each chronicle is unique and the user or organization that starts a chronicle is by default the moderator. We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback, and happy to answer any questions. Chronicle it!
Aha this looks more like but with different use case. Nice work.
Hi @evivz! Thanks for sharing that-- beautiful photography & storytelling! However, the 2 main differences are that Chronicle is 1) chronological and 2) collaborative. All photos in a chronicle are displayed on an interactive, chronological timeline and multiple users can add content to the same chronicle. This creates a crowdsourced visual ongoing record of any subject :) Feel free to try it out and let me know how you find the difference
Interesting concept. However, I would like it to have captions/ interesting information attached to photos. With context, the photographs could become more powerful information to look at.
@jesse__muller Hi! - Emily from Chronicle here. Thanks for the feedback! You can actually tap/click into the the image to view the full size image, description of the image, date the photo was taken, location, and image source, as well as comments and likes from other users. Your feedback is important to us so we will look into ways to better communicate this feature.
@emilybaron Ah great, though that is not clearly communicated in the UI. Also, going back to the overview of the gallery is a bit unclear. I would make that link way bigger/ clearer.