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I'm really excited to finally open-source Chromeless. We've used NightmareJS and similar tools before to run integration tests but these basically added ~20min to each build. With Chromeless we were able to reduce this time to under a minute! ⏱ Here is btw a demo playground to try it out: https://chromeless.netlify.com/ Let me know if you have any questions 👋
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@_schickling So, what are the best features? Time to start?
I've been a huge fan of the work @_schickling and co. do for some time now. This is just another great open source project they've made. Headless Chrome automation!
@notrab Thanks so much for hunting us Jamie! 💚
This looks great! Any plans to add integration for google cloud in the near future?
@gbogh2k I've heard that a couple of people wanted to work on that and create a PR. Let's see how long it takes them :)
I've been working with headless browsers for a few years now. They were always a pain. Can't wait to use this for pdf generation, web crawling and testing my components remotely. This project is even more amazing because it takes out the cost of maintaining a server. Just use a lamda across applications.
This is very cool and we might use it. Any idea why this might "Fail to fetch", but when I remove the viewport it works? https://chromeless.netlify.com/#...
@joedeliame Thanks a lot for bringing this up. I've added a bug report on your behalf! https://github.com/graphcool/chr...