Headless Chrome automation on AWS Lambda

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#3 Product of the DayJuly 28, 2017


  • Han-lin PaiFront end engineer

    It's very intuitive to write automation test!


    More examples for other API will be good.

    Also nice to have the demo playground for someone who interesting to try without lots of prerequisites.

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Johannes SchicklingMaker@_schickling · Co-founder & CEO of Prisma
I'm really excited to finally open-source Chromeless. We've used NightmareJS and similar tools before to run integration tests but these basically added ~20min to each build. With Chromeless we were able to reduce this time to under a minute! ⏱ Here is btw a demo playground to try it out: Let me know if you have any questions 👋
Dmitry Kaigorodov@kuolldev · ceo/founder,
@_schickling So, what are the best features? Time to start?
Jamie BartonHunter@notrab · Husband, Dad & Developer 🙌
I've been a huge fan of the work @_schickling and co. do for some time now. This is just another great open source project they've made. Headless Chrome automation!
Johannes SchicklingMaker@_schickling · Co-founder & CEO of Prisma
@notrab Thanks so much for hunting us Jamie! 💚
This looks great! Any plans to add integration for google cloud in the near future?
Johannes SchicklingMaker@_schickling · Co-founder & CEO of Prisma
@gbogh2k I've heard that a couple of people wanted to work on that and create a PR. Let's see how long it takes them :)
Shivek Khurana@shivekkhurana · Storyteller - Wanderer
I've been working with headless browsers for a few years now. They were always a pain. Can't wait to use this for pdf generation, web crawling and testing my components remotely. This project is even more amazing because it takes out the cost of maintaining a server. Just use a lamda across applications.
Joe d'Elia@joedeliame · Digital product maker
This is very cool and we might use it. Any idea why this might "Fail to fetch", but when I remove the viewport it works?
Johannes SchicklingMaker@_schickling · Co-founder & CEO of Prisma
@joedeliame Thanks a lot for bringing this up. I've added a bug report on your behalf!