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Old monitors don't have hdmi ;)
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@mikeeshattuck Maybe they're trying to be folksy and really mean "any ole monitor"
Question: how is it possible that it uses an Apple A4 processor? Does anybody know any other non-Apple devices that uses Apple processors?
@nicolasegosum It doesn’t, it uses a Rockchip RK3288-C + 4 x Cortex A17 + Mali T764 ARM System on a Chip. I don’t know why Amazon thinks it has an Apple A4.
@cenk Strage, I've been selling some stuff via an Amazon partnership in the past and they are very crazy about metadata and details.
Is this running the dying chromeOS or Android?
@lynnfredricks It runs on ChromeOS. We got an early prototype in our office a few weeks back.
@lynnfredricks The rumors of its death have been GREATLY exaggerated.
If a small business wanted to run a slideshow feed or something similar at the front desk or in a waiting area, Chromebit is probably the cheapest way to do it.
@kkdub Have you ever heard about Raspberry Pi's? Starts at $25!