Chrome to Phone via SMS

Nice Pushbullet alternative. Text yourself from Chrome.

Chrome to Phone via SMS allows you to simply text yourself a url or webpage snippet. Currently available in US only.

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I have had to install and try out the extension to find out it works only for US individuals. I think this info should be disclosed upfront on all of the tool descriptions.


Supersimple to use


It works only for US users but it is not written anywhere

Yeah, its only available in US chrome app store currently. I am working on expanding to different countries. But I agree, must have highlighted here.
Hi all, I made this chrome extension that is very lightweight and simple alternative to Push Bullet. It basically uses a nifty rules engine to figure out the best cost effective SMS provider to route text messages for users, thereby keeping the service cost next to nothing.
This is very handy, thank you @sohels!
Does it support Indian country?
@ayush_chandra as of now, its limited to US. Unfortunately SMS services for India are still pretty expensive. I am constantly looking for ways to enhance it and bring it out of US. Please stay tuned.
Can you explain why this is needed and what it allows the extension to do? Is this the only way to grab the URL?
@kristofertm unfortunately Yes, it tries to grab url and text snippets from webpage you are trying to share.
@sohels wish they offered another permissions setting bc that sounds rough
@kristofertm yeah I normally feel uncomfortable too when extensions ask for deeper permissions. But good thing about chrome extensions is that all the code is openly available from the extension package and can easily show if the developer is abusing it.