Chrome IG Story Plus

A better web version of IG that makes gathering content easy

We wanted an easier way to gather content and a better layout then what the web version of Instagram provides. After coming across broken apps in the Chrome Web Store and awful UI experiences we decided to create our own. We added features that no other IG web app provides. You can download content, like, and comment on posts & stories

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@wtravisadams Not sure how I feel about this... I mean, my extension is open source, but this is straight up ripping it off. You could have at least used a different name. By adding "Plus" to the end, my users may think this is a premium version, but it's not even mine. There's already tons of clones of Chrome IG Story out there which have malware in them, causing confusion and negative reviews on my extension's page even though they installed someone else's, so why did you decide to release this?
@calialec Hey Alec, we looked all apps in Chrome Web Store that offered the ability to download content, and use something other then the awful feel that Instagram web page offers. We felt like we could add features and improve user flow that would make it easier for marketers to gather content and keep up with their friends. No harm, all of the apps had similar names and didn’t really think much about it. We aren’t selling anything, no spam has been added, and don’t intend to make money from the app.
This is a straight lift, add a few lines a code, and call it yours from Chrome IG Story. It's sad that you didn't even acknowledge that nearly all of the code comes from that project. Shame.
@freddieiboy this is an accumulation of many apps and functions different. Please review the apps and you can see the differences. No harm and definitely no shame.