Chrome for iOS (redesign)

Material Design, OS X Handoff, iOS 8 optimizations and more

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I want this to work for me. Unfortunately I can't swipe to go back and the back button is in the top left. That's criminal on the iPhone 6 Plus. The "Reduce Data Use" toggle is a rather dark pattern as well. When disabled it says "Spend less on data by using Google to optimize the pages you visit." When enabled that text changes to: "Pages accessed with HTTPS and Incognito will not be optimized or seen by Google." This leads one to believe that enabling it is the less permissive of the two, it's not.
I still don't understand why people use Chrome on iOS. Can anybody who uses it regularly chime in with the benefits?
@ar_turnbull I don't use it regularly, but I assume that if you are heavily invested in Google products, it offers some nice integration. At a minimum, it allows for support of Chrome profiles, which syncs bookmarks and history I think, across browsers.
@ar_turnbull I started using it for curiosity sake & the ability to view my desktop Chrome tabs on my phone but I stay using it for "Find In Page". I had switched back to Safari after getting a new phone but just couldn't live without the mobile version of cmd-f.
@brentmulligan Thanks Brent! I'm using Safari on the desktop because I like having the native reading list, but can imagine numerous situations where cmd-f would have been nice to have on mobile. Mobile Safari actually has the feature too, but it's so hidden that I can never find it when I need it.
@ar_turnbull Good to know that Safari offers a find feature as well! I was digging around Safari while writing that response but didn't notice it, I'll have to have another look.