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Hello everyone. Chrome Commands,, is a web tool meant to help you preform actions otherwise impossible without "chrome://" and also you can use it to preform well known actions like chrome settings, chrome bookmarks, and more.
@willfeldman3 This is a very useful tool for Chrome! I have one suggestion for this particular app. Although people can bookmark your website, it would be great if this was a Google Chrome extension. That way I can simply click a small icon, regardless of what webpage I'm on, and quickly access the commands.
@willfeldman3 I also found this for you: , Are you thinking what I'm thinking? ;)
@_guled_ I think I am, a Chrome Command's extension with keyboard shortcuts!
@_guled_ I'll work on it and see what I can do!
That's probably not suppost to happen.
@connor_stuff Definitely not, what computer, PC or Mac, are you on? I just change some code, so this should not be happening any more. If the issue is still going on let me know.
@willfeldman3 Windows 10, Chrome (obviously)
@connor_stuff Okay, so it looks like this is from the previous code, if you just go to chrome://history and clear the "Cached Images and Videos" from the last hour it should work.
@_guled_ @connor_stuff @brianjking @peskygeek @deambulando Does anyone want to beta test the Chrome Commands Chrome extension?
@connor_stuff Fill out this form and I'll add you to the beta, 😎
@connor_stuff Okay, I emailed you a link!
@willfeldman3 have filled out the form. Looking forward to testing. :)
The website is just a blank page at the moment?
@peskygeek If it's blank hold down Cmd+R / Control+R for 5 seconds or until the page loads.
Site not loading :(
@deambulando Have you tried again since yesterday? All problems seem to involve the cached images or javascript file not loading.