Christopher Bot

The homework bot for students, made by a 14 year-old



Alec Joness
Hey Product Hunters, and thanks @awilkinson for hunting Christopher Bot!

I’m Alec Jones and I'm 14 years old. About 6 months ago, I decided to build a bot that could help students of all ages, all over the world.

So I made Christopher Bot, a Facebook Messenger bot that keeps track of your homework. I was tired of trying to remember to write down my homework or enter it in a task app, so I wanted someone to keep track of it all for me.

Christopher Bot asks you what homework you were assigned at the end of every class. Then at the end of the day, he texts you a list of all the homework from your day (and displays it on a webpage for the entire week).

He texts you Monday to Friday at whatever time your classes end. He can send you a list of commands. He pauses when you're on vacation, and then he resumes when you get back.

Fun Fact: Christopher is the name Alan Turing gave to his machine in WWII that cracked the Enigma, and it's the reason I named my bot Christopher.

Thank you for checking out Christopher Bot — hope you like him.

P.S. I’m in school today, but I’ll try to answer questions between classes.
Mads Hensel
@madshensel · Designer, Founders
I love it. Shipping a product as a 14-year-old one man army is inspiring. But even more inspiring is that you saw an opportunity and acted on it. Keep that going and you'll get to make even more awesome products.
Gylon Jackson
@gylonj · CEO Big G LABS
Way to go... I'm 44 and you at 14 years old have inspired me to keep on following my dreams
Braxton Huff
@3raxton · Creator, UI Designer
Wow, brilliant bot! Christopher Bot is very helpful and intuitive and I am pleased to say I have signed up for it! The commands are very self-explanatory and it is easy to use! I can't wait to see how this works out for me in the first few days. Great work Alec!
Alexandre Mouriec
@mrcalexandre · ArgosVR | Writer at Stuffi | Maker
Well-done @koolkoder 👏 Impressive as a 14yo man. You're solving a problem many students have so for that congrats 👍
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