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Chris is refreshingly easy to use hardware, optimized for in-car Voice First use. Chris has the ability to learn like a human and adapts to learn over time every driver’s unique needs. Chris is designed for hands free calling, messaging, email, music and for navigation. The system uses an innovative speech recognition and gesture recognition allowing you to safely place the smartphone away out of reach and still get all the benefits from your apps and services. Chris has it’s own speech recognition system and AI infrastructure that interacts with your exiting smartphone. It does not use Siri, Alexa, Google or other system, it interacts with them.
@brianroemmele thanks for bringing Chris to the awesome community here - and thanks for following as well :)
I like this concept, and their product design looks inspired by Nest, but you'll need to take it out of the car each time you leave. Looks like it could be stolen easily. At Best Buy they lock up the Nest and just display the box.
@joshbarkin Thank you - I like that you like ;) Somehow round is the new rectangular, isn't it. We like the shape and it shows clearly that we will not just replicate the screen of a phone or a sat nav. We are developing very new UX consisting of voice, gestures and a reduced interface. Watch the video at Kickstarter where we show the concept. For every upside there is a downside: while Chris is really plug and play, i..e no installation required other than connecting with your phone, it could be easily removed from the car by a thief. Therefore we have designed a unqiue mechanism which allows you just to 'pick' the device elegantly from the mount and off you go.
@joshbarkin just pop it in the glove compartment? it has a special (patented!) mechanism for trivial connect / disconnect. Real voodoo if you ask me.
Hey! You took my name! 😏
@chrisschwartze Hey, we simply think it's such an nice and global name and it expresses a strong personality that we would like a Chris becoming everybody's co-driver ;)
I'd be a happy camper if Chris could understand my command to compare routes ahead using Waze and tell me the difference! From the video, it seems like they want to do this proactively. Given that I place my phone in a similar visible position and use voice commands in a similar way currently, I'd be curious to see how Chris would change my current habits. It sounds like it's what Workflow is for iOS currently, but better and is for driving specifically. Have you tried it personally @brianroemmele?
@kunalslab @brianroemmele You nailed it - Chris is developed as a pro-active assistant. Different to current voice assistants, it will learn your habits, understand your style of driving and recommend accordingly. We have astrong AI and NLP team, working on that piece. Chris comes with lifelong updates, i.e. we will add new use cases over time. Waze could be one for sure. About phone vs own hardware: we believe that it's not helpful to use Chris just on a phone. Firstly, in many countries phone usage is completely banned for drivers. Secondly, it's almost impossible to reduce to features of a smartphone as much as it would be needed to provide exscellent performance of just one app and thirdly, we have optimize Chris for incar usage, which means especially voice and audio control. We will use various mircophones and special noise cancellation technologies etc. -
Going to have to show how it's significantly better than all the other voice operated interfaces there and most importantly how it overcomes this:
@goldstrom I am Holger, one of the Founders of German Autolabs, Makers of Chris. You are touching a ver valid topic here and it was one of the foundations why we started the project. There are some technologies out there, but no solution. We believe that the combination of voice, gesture and graphical information is the key to less distraction. Check out the Kickstarter Video, where we explain it: