Curation of the best short video recipes, 40+ tastemakers

Chowii is the best way to search video recipes online. Watch quick video recipes from Tasty to Tastemade, Delish, Food Network and other 40 plus video recipe sites

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That's a lot of fake upvotes you got right there. Wouldn't use it just because of the shady stuff you are trying to do.
@martin_zlocha I let PH decides which are those fake upvotes you're talking about and delete it. Thanks.
@rop2008 They already have, there is a reason why 130 up-votes is bellow 41.
An awesome way to socially share recipes -
Take the UI from and the content from and you would have a perfect Facebook recipe aggregation.....thingy. Just hope all the content creators on both Facebook recipe providers are okay with this +1 for effort
@jeffberrylife We've changed our website front end, what do you think?
@rop2008 spiffy! Only strange thing I noticed was in mobile view when I click on the menu (hamburger) icon, I need to click on a second menu icon to access the different routes. I would expect to view all routes when I click on the first menu icon. Also maybe consider using a bundler like Webpack if at all possible. A hard reload after emptying my cache takes a long time to complete but that could be my shotty internet connection ;)
Hey Hunters, my name is Obet and I'm the founder of Would love to hear your thoughts! I'm here to answer any questions you may have. Thanks :) CHOWII is a curation of the best short video recipes you found on the internet, especially in Facebook. Discover and share the latest recipes from different creators that everyone's love: from Tasty to Tastemade, Delish, Food Network and several other 40 plus tastemakers. The platform brings all delicious recipe videos together in one place and, therefore, promotes easy searching and learning.
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