Learn notes, chords, sight reading, perfect pitch and more.

#1 Product of the WeekApril 29, 2020
ChordIQ helps you develop your singing or playing skills for such instruments as the guitar, piano, saxophone etc. It offers different games, such as guess-the-note, note symbol values, key signatures, intervals, chords, scales ear training, and lots more.
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👋 Hey Product Hunt! Are you staying at home and looking for ways to spend your time more productively? ChordIQ is the perfect option. It will help you develop your music skills with dozens of training games. Staff games help you to learn notes, note values, key signatures, and intervals, along with scales and chords. You will be able to remember chords and scales in different keys. Use ear-training games to practice notes, intervals, and chords. You can also practice singing or playing notes using your guitar, piano, saxophone, violin, or any other instrument. ChordIQ is available for iPhone/iPad/Android: I would love to hear your feedback on this! 🤓
Excellent product and efficient process.
I've taken singing lessons during college for a year and a half. And since I was struggling hard with reading music, I had to drop out because I wanted to focus on my degree. I'm not saying that this app would have helped me to keep studying in that, but it would have make me keep practicing. I just downloaded your app on Android and I'm eager to test it out :)
@bujold19 During "unexpected vacation" 😷 I’ve started taking saxophone lessons and realized that it would be great to add "Sing & Play" feature to learn notes. It helped me a lot to train sight-reading. :) Feel free to contact me how the app works for your needs.
@sergey_bogdanov I'll be sure to keep your profile in mind if I need anything. Thanks!
@juandiegopolo thanks so much! I’ve just updated url.
Thank you for your app, great job!! Do you have other products which you develop?